The Factions

The Evandril

Zithrin is the capital of the gnomes, and most of the short little geniuses never leave the clockwork city. However the Evandril are different. The Evandril are a family of gnomes that work as outriders for the Zithrin government, exploring the world for new resources and technology to bring back home. The current group at large in the world consists of four members. Three brothers and a sister, all of them extremely experienced. The first brother; Taric, is a warrior versed in the lance and shield, and he uses them with deadly accuracy. Rumor holds that he can spear a man’s eye with his land while riding full speed on his mechanical warhorse. The second brother; Udil, is one of the few technomancers. Wizards who have perfectly blended the world of the arcane and science, creating a deadly fighting style. The third brother is Ely, who is not a fighter, nor a mage, but it possibly the greatest surgeon Zyais has ever seen, known for reattaching removed limbs, and reconstructing spines without the help of magic or genetic augmentation. Then there is Trixy. This pink haired gnome is the most dangerous gnome to ever live. She build her first bomb at the age of 11, and has been causing explosions ever since. She can often be seen riding her yeti mount while shooting two fully automatic rifles at her enemies, then chucking chemical grenades far into the back lines of enemies. Do not trifle with this group unless you seek their help, or are a complete and total idiot.

The Lifewardens

One of the largest, if the THE largest religions in Zyais, the Lifewardens are a peacemaking group of many different races that are spread across almost the entire planet, that are devoted to the safety and proliferation of all life. Oddly enough they do have a militant side, and have regiments of warriors that travel from city to city, seeking out sources of death and destruction, and “purifying” them. The Lifewardens are based in Highpoint on Kaladesh, their monastery high on the single mountain in the plains. The monastery is a symbiotic living community, of many different races, and many different species. The one exclusive part is the high council, which consists purely of near immortal high elven druids, who have always held their place for the entire existence of the religion. The council leader is named Yonwa, who is so in tune with nature that his mind has blended with the energy that flows through Zyais

Icefang Clans

Girwithan is an inhospitable place, and very few people eek out a living there. It is so cold that only the hardiest of folks can make a living, and none do it better than the Icefang orcs. Most orcs are terribly violent and very dumb. So are these, but they are also so much more. these orcs are bigger, and have become almost yeti like due to the brutal conditions, which have forced them to adapt. The other thing that has occurred is their shamans have become perfectly in tune with the land, which grants them immense control over the elements, allowing them to control the snows, and use them against their enemies. Due to their hardiness, Icefangs have also become very adept Reaver hunters. There are almost no Reavers on Girwithan due to this clan of orcs, and the few that leave the island are renowned Reaver hunters, taking on horrible mutating reavers that would normally raid a whole raiding party to take down. Their love of war and gore has given them the unique ability to find where the augments are seated, and systematically rip apart the reaver piece by piece.

Cult of the Sizar

Not everyone that was brought over from the old world was happy about it. The nihilistic cult of Sizar was waiting for the end of the old world so that they could join with their dark void god, but when many of them were brought over from the old world, they missed the end of the world, and such missed joining with their god. This cult has survived to this day, and constituents mostly of black dragonkin, and drow elves. It is unknown exactly where they are based, but they are most active on Lothen, as it is where they believe the apocalypse will begin once this world end. They are known fanatics and are very unpredictable. They can be identified by the red scythe tattoo on their arms and foreheads, and should be avoid by all who value their lives.


The reavers are the most well known group of terrors on the planet at this point, because they are becoming a real problem for everyone. The reavers aren’t one true group, but are instead many many groups. Reavers are the people who have gone too far with their augments and genetic modifications, and have lost so much of their mortality that they have become twisted abominations that are bairly even living animals. They live in packs lead by whoever the strongest most brutal reaver in the area is. They hunt in all territories of Zyais that have people with modifications, hunting them so they may consume them, and try to add their augments to themselves. It is their only driving purpose, and it is much like an addiction, as it is an insatiable hunger than constantly, and slowly drives them insane, because each time they add another augment to themselves, they only get hungrier for more. Packs of reavers are incredibly dangerous and should only be faced my very experienced adventurers. This is what will happen to you if your mortality drops below 10% of its max total.

Steampower Church

While smaller and less influential than the Lifewardens, the Steampower Church is probably more powerful. The main church is based in Terashur, and is known as the Power House. This religion is what became of the descendants who worshiped Brigh, the old god of machines and knowledge. The Church was originally founded by an immortal machine man that was called an android, who was brought to Zyais from the old world. His name is Kezith, and his head is now the centerpiece of the main shrine in Terashur. The church’s main beliefs are structured around purity of soul through purity of mind, meaning that the highest priests, are also the smartest scientists. The high technomancer Linnard will often say he serves the brass emperor, but this simply isn’t true, as the brass emperor has no allegiance but to his people.

The Technomongers

While the lifewardens are all mobile and ready to go out on missions, not all of the people in the Steampower Church are ready to go out into the world and the monsters and reavers. However there are a select few of the highest priests who have made there way out into the dangerous world of Zyais, and are kicking some serious ass. These guys are the monstrously powerful augmentors of the highest rank. Many of them have found a truly perfect balance between flesh and machine, which has allowed to them to dance just on the edge of becoming a reaver, retaining their mortality, but gaining near reaver like power. There are several groups of technomongers spread throughout the world, though most of them spend their time away from Terashur on Lothen, searching for powerful lost technology.

The Elder Seekers

The Dreadscale Army

These lizardfolk are the most brutally well trained and dangerous warriors you will find, and many are enchanted with eldrich magic, and the most powerful of them have been heavily augmented. In theory the Dreadscale army is the most dangerous army on Zyais, though they are kept very busy keeping the Ardias of Farwen at bay.


When the gods brought the mortal races to Zyais, first they brought their children, the demi-gods. These people are the ones that build Yefra, the first city, and it is them that helped the other mortal races get started on the new world. Now over the thousands of years most of the demi-gods either were killed or disappeared, though their descendants still remain. These are seemingly normal people, often just simple villagers or merchants, that are in fact hiding great power. The only time these people are identifyable as what they are, is when they are found at the ancient ruins that can be found strewn across Zyais, and they are the only once that are able to interact with the lost technology of the Yefran empire.


At each ruined site from the Yefran empire, is an ancient stone golem called a watcher. These golems are guardians to these sites, and are inhabited by the souls of dead demi-gods from early in the life of Zyais. These giant stone watchers are generally friendly, and often willing to assist people, but if you endanger the ruin they are guarding, or try to steal items from the place, you will have a 30 foot tall stone golem chasing after you.

The Factions

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