Our World: Zyais

Zyais, the Last Stand of the Gods

Far in the future in the pathfinder universe, many gods were beginning to loose their power, due it it having been so long since the beginning of creation. As some gods even began to die, and be killed off my lesser beings, the remaining gods left the original mortal plain, and created a new one. They took with them some amount of all life, and created links from this new world to all the already existing planes of existence. This world was incredibly volatile at first, the land constantly wracked by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the inhabitants had to rely heavily on the god that had brought them to this new world. As the centuries passed the world cooled down, becoming move livable.

Eventually that land stopped moving, and settled into the way it is now. The main continent is called Lothen, and is largely round, with peninsula’s sticking out on the east and south. It it by far the largest land mass on the world, about the same size as Australia. Lothen is where basically all life started out on Zyais, but it has since spread to all other landmasses. Lothen is also the place where the god settled, after using up much of their remaining power to create Zyais. Many of the gods are no longer full deities at this point, but are instead just spirits who linger in the background of the world, giving slight influence to their areas of power. In fact only four gods truly remain in full power.

These gods weren’t always the most powerful, but they are the most enduring. They are the gods of basic existence, ones that were never really noticed or worshiped on the old world, but play a major sole here on Zyais.

The four gods are as follows:
Carvias: God of Energy
Silig: God of Force
Eskandiel: God of Time
Dromior: God of Gravity

These are the four remaining full gods, and are extremely powerful on this world, as they are the ones who designed it using the other god’s power. Each one holds total dominion over their areas of power, and each one has a temple at one corner of Lothen. Silig in the south, Dromior in the north, Eskandiel to the east, and Carvias in the west. These gods are the primary worship idols on this world, though cults to do exists for most all of the other gods as well, even the ones who are barely spirits at this point.

Lothen used to be the main place for all sentient beings in the world, but over the millennial it has grown hostile, and brutal. Now the majority of Lothen is wasteland, ranging from sand dune deserts, to volcanic rock plateaus, and jungles that eat adventuring parties for lunch. Due to this only the hardiest of races still live on Lothen, either in of of the very few cities, or as nomads. Mountain ranges and great rivers make crossing the continent difficult at best, impossible at worst. The seasons don’t really seem to work normally on Lothen, the weather just shifting from one thing to the next on a day to day basis, which makes everything just that much harder. Lastly, Lothen’s magic and elemental forces are very active, with wondering stone elemental and storms of pure magic being very common place. Be very wary while on this continent of chaos.

There are three other land masses, one big island which is the current capital, and two small islands which are sparsely populated. The smallest of the two, is a hot humid desert island to the far east of Lothen, called Farwen. It is inhabited solely by lizard folk and giant spiders. It is considered to be the most hostile place on the entire planet, and very few ever venture there, and fewer ever return. Only a few lizard folk ever leave, as they are somewhat bound to that place, as if they are it’s guardians. No outsiders know why this is, just that it is. Farwen is also the hardest to get to as the seas around it are incredibly volatile and stormy, so very few people know how to sail there.

The second small island is Girwithan. This island is northwest of Lothen,. It is the only truly cold region in Zyais, as it is in near permanent winter. The entire land is covered in snow and ice 10 months out of the year, and life there is very harsh, but simple. Only a few barbarian tribes of orcs, humans, dwarves, and a small sect of gnomes live here. All but the gnomes are simply tribes that tend to war with each other. However the gnomes live in a city of steel called Zithrin, and it is the most technologically advanced city on the planet. The city is a massive underground sprawl of tunnels, reaching for many, many miles under the sea, and deep underground. The gnomes are very secretive, and almost never let outsiders into the city, though those that do are exposed to insane level of technology. These gnomes have mastered steam based tech, combustion engines, electricity, and even basic computers. They only ever share this knowledge and technology with those who are hugely revered with them, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time. There is some trade with this island, though only for the 2 months of summer, because the rest of the time the island is cloaked in an eternal snowstorm.

Lastly there is a large island to the west of Lothen, and far to the south of Girwithan, named Kaladesh. This island is a temperate, and heavily populated. This island is about the size of mexico, and is highly varied in its types of areas. The center of the island is granite mountains. The west is a great savanna, the west is a temperate pine forest, and the south is a rainforest. There are many cities on this island, inhabited my races of all kinds. This island is where most of the sentient beings moved to from the mainland when Lothen became too hostile for most. It is still a fairly dangerous place, with many wild beasts and chaotic elemental forces free on the land, but the island is far more steady and safe than all the other lands. Kaladesh is the center of all trade in the world, and it is believed by most that over 90% of the population lives on this island, though that has never been definitively proven by anyone.

Then there is the ocean the separates these land masses. For the most part it is not a deep ocean, but in and around all of the islands and Lothen, is the Oriesh trench, which is several miles deep. Before Lothen became as hostile as it is today, the oceans were relatively calm and safe, with the exception of the occasional kraken or giant shark, but thats normal. But after the mainland started becoming volatile, Giant thousand foot long eels started patrolling along the Oriesh Trench, making boat transit between the land masses impossible. These eels have made it so that less and less ships have been able to get between the land masses, causing less and less to be known about the world at large by those on each island, or Lothen. Now only a single ship goes through the channels, and that ship is the Idari, which is piloted by a water oracle, who keeps the Oriesh Eels at bay. This ship is now considered sacred by the people of Zyais, as it is the only way of transit between the islands, and it makes a yearly trip between every land mass save Farwen each year, taking goods and passengers with it. However it may not stay the only way of transit for long.

Our World: Zyais

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