List Augments

Here is a list of all augments. Augments are not limited to just this list, though at level one you can ONLY take the starting augments. If you have one you have created, run it by me. Starting Augments are free, but you can only take one, and only at first level. All augments that add an action count as a standard action.

Starting Augments
Darkvision Eyes: Grants darkvision, and can be upgraded later to heat vision. +5 Perception.

Breath Modulator: Increases breath time to 10 minutes, and can be upgraded to breathing underwater. +4 to strength checks for swimming. +4 to choking fortitude saves.

Restructured Ankle Joint: +10 ground movement, can late be upgraded to give +20 movement. +10 Acrobatics. You no longer take damage from falls less than 50 feet.

Restructured Knuckles: +4 to all dex checks using your hands outside of combat, +4 to craft. Can be upgraded to provide one die step increase for unarmed attacks.

Iron Jaw: Gives a natural bite attack that deals 1d6 damage and crits x2 on 20. The jaw can be enchanted and modified by crafting, ask GM about it.

Raging Caster: Your Adrenaline gets pumping during combat, and you focus your energy and rage into your spells. Once per day you can spell rage, giving your spells +3 to their DCs, and giving them a 50% chance to refund their use cost, weather its power points, or a divine spell casting slot. May be used during all other Adrenaline Augments

Bulwark Chest: A metal plate covers your chest, and is attached to your rib cage. Provides +3 natural armor, and can be upgraded to provide 2 DR. The metal plate can be enchanted or modified by crafting, ask GM about it.

Spinal Energy Link: Once per day, you may roll 1d6 to regain that many points of a casting resource as a standard action. Or can be used to regain one used prepared divine spell once per day. Can be upgraded to give 1d10 casting resource points, or 2 prepared spells.

Life Conduit: A opening on your left hand allows to you directly transfer life force between yourself and a living target, either moving the life force from yourself to the target, or from the target to you. Both targets have to be willing. Drains 2d4 life. Can be upgraded to let you control exactly how much life is drain, and increase the amount to 1 to 16

Spirit Censor: A crystal installed in the back of your neck will send electrical pulses through you whenever you are within 100 feet of undead, spirits, ghosts, or any form of soul that is no longer living or has been detached from it’s body. Can be upgraded to sense living targets.

Blood Infusion: Attunes your blood to an element of your choice, giving 5 resistance to the respective element, and allows you to cast an aura of the chosen element, with varying effects.

Adrenaline Condenser: Once per week, when put below 10 health by an attack, you MAY gain +20 temporary health, +3 to all saves, and +4 strength for two minutes. You then become exhausted for 24 hours. Also triggers all other Adrenal augments.

Garbage Disposal Stomach: Immunity to ingested poisons and chemicals, and you can eat nearly anything living for sustenance. Can be upgraded to digest non living material.

Management Core: You have a cybernetic core in your brain to help it manage your augments. Reduces mortality cost of augments by 3.

Energy Sponge: When you take magic damage, you gain 1d10 resistance to that type of damage for 1 minute. Does not stack.

Reactive Spine: +2 to reflex saves in combat, and you don’t loose your dex bonus to AC while flat footed.

Shoulders of Steel: Your shoulder blades have been replace with metal, and you can now carry an extra 100 lbs of weight. You also get +3 to charge, bull rush, overrun, and shove checks. Your shoulder blades can be modified via crafting.

Dulled Nerves: Your nerves have been dulled to let you fight through the pain. You receive DR of 8 against all non magic attacks, but have -3 AC, -2 Reflex Saves, and -8 Perception.

Hollow Bones: You bones are hollow, making you much lighter, but also weaker. +2 reflex saves. You have +10 the acrobatics, +10 to stealth, +10 to fly, and you weight half as much. You have -2 Constitution -1 strength, and -2 fortitude saves. You also take 1d4 additional damage from bludgeoning attacks.

10 Mortality Augments These can be acquired at level 2 and every level thereafter.

Upgrade ANY Starter Augment: Gain the upgraded effect of the augments that can be upgraded from the starting augments above.

Arm Storage Slot: One fore arm now has a hidden compartment that you can hide objects slightly smaller than your forearm within.

Shield Clip: You can directly attach your shield to one arm, increasing AC gained from the shield by 25%, rounded down.

Ski Blade Knees: Allows you to powerslide under opponents the same size or larger than you as a charge action. You attack them as you slide under them and continue moving forward past them.

Iron Skull: A metal plate is attached to your head, acting as a helmet that can be modified by crafting and enchanting. Gives +2 constitution, and +5 AC against attacks from above.

Wrist Sync: +2 to all non damage rolls, combat and non-combat, when using two hands. Allows you to work both hands perfectly even if you can’t see both of them.

Elemental Precognator: You can make a perception check to reach out with your mind to look for elemental energy or living elemental in the area. Often allows you to find hidden items if they have any elemental energy to them, or elemental traps. Has a much longer range than detect magic and detects in an area.

Magic Mirror: A small mirror is installed on the back of one hand, and looking into it will show you the path you just walked 2 minutes ago.

Language Recorder: Allows you to learn a new language more easily by recording it and playing it back to yourself. When you hear a new language, roll d20. On 17-20, automatically learn that language. on 13-16, gain temporary understanding of the language for 10 minutes.

Thumb Lighter: One of your thumbs now produces a small flame when you snap your finger. The flame does 1 damage if used as a direct attack.

Spiked Heel: Your heels now have an extendable spike, that you can use as a natural attack to deal 1d6 piercing damage, crit x3 on 20. The spike can deliver poison, be enchanted, or modified by crafting.

Braced Forearms: +2 AC while fighting defensively, -2 damage with all melee attacks while fighting defensively. +2 rolls on defending against overrun, charge, and shove.

Surgical Claws: One hand is replaced with a 8 fingered metal claw that has many replaceable tools.

Combat Claws: Replace one hand with bladed claws, that deal 2d6 slashing damage, and crits x2 on 20. Claws can be enchanted and modified by crafting. If your attack misses, you take 2 damage.

Purge Spout: You have a spout on your chest that you can use to purge blood. You may make an additional fortitude save to use the spout to purge toxins from your body. DC is 6+ poison’s DC

Toughened Foot Souls: Your feet have been chemically hardened. You can run through small fires without taking damage, and can walk on sharp objects without being damaged. Must still make acrobatics checks for these actions.

Spell Focus Eye: You can make a perception check to see if an object or being has spell resistance or elemental resistances.

Treaded Feet: You gain double movement speed when running, and gain +2 to charge, overrun and shove, and +2 to rolls against charge, overrun, and shove. +15 to Climb.

Blood Converter: A machine on your heart allows you to convert some of your own blood into a short burst of magical energy, increasing the power of your next spell or or spell like ability. The DM decides the effects on each spell. COUNTS AS SWIFT ACTION. Once you use a spell or spell like ability, you are dazed for 1 round.

Sanguine Stomach. Ingesting the blood of a still living target restores 1d8 health.

25 Mortality Augments

Adrenal Savior Complex: You adrenaline gets really pumping when an ally is in danger. When an ally is reduced below 50% health, double your movement speed and gain +4 to attack rolls, and 2 DR. Your need to save them make you idiotic, giving -2 wisdom and -1 intelligence, until you feel that person is safe. Can also let you trigger other adrenal augments simultaneously.

Attune to Elements: A mystic infusion of the heart allows access to a spell like ability that can be used three times per day. The Attunement can be to one of six elements. Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Life. The spell’s effect is dependent upon where you are. THIS CAN BE TAKEN MULTIPLE TIMES

Hyper Schnoz: Your ability to smell is greatly increased my a electromagnet under your nose attached to your brain. You gain +30 to perception checks using your nose. (Basically you will be able to smell most things nearby clearly)

Extending Fingers: Allows you to telescopically extend your fingers 5 feet and use them effectively, allowing you to dangerous tasks from a safe distance. Can stack with claw augments and natural claws, increasing the range of claw attacks to 10 feet.

Rib cage Reinforcement Frame: You have a metal frame around your rib cage that is attached to your hips by a hinge. You gain +15 to lifting strength based tests, and +5 to Combat maneuvers that move an enemy. Your torso is less flexible, giving you -2 dex.

Upper Arm Hidden Compartment: You have a storage compartment in your upper arm, letting you store items and small weapons within. Perception check 45 for people to notice the compartment.

Shaded Skin: Your skin color fluctuates as your blood pressure rises if you realize you are in danger. During combat after initiative has been rolled, you gain +10 stealth checks due to your outline being broken up. You have a -5 to social skill checks during stressful conversation due to the oddness of the colors.

Taste for Energy: You can consume the cores of beings born of energy, (elementals, ghosts, whisps, aberrations, some undead, celestials, infernals) to gain a buff of varying effect.

Mystic Intuition: Only available to casters. An extra connection from your spine to your brain lets you add half of your casting stat’s mod to your initiative.

Tremor Sense: You feel the lightest tremors that would war you of people approaching, giving you a 20 second warning to some one running towards you. (If you take this keep me reminded of it, as I will forget)

Withdraw Chemical: You have filters in your hands that allow you to withdrawn chemicals and poisons from liquids and out of wounds, drawing them into the sweat glands on your hands. Must make a fortitude save to not absorb the poison or toxin into yourself.

Sound Repeater: A magical microphone is installed inside your ears, that let you exactly repeat one sound or sentence per day. The microphone hurts you hearing abilities, giving you a -5 to perception.

Leyline Adapter: Your magical energies are adapted to the surrounding area by a conductor in one of your legs, increasing the DC to resist your spells by 10%, not counting your spell casting stat mod. Also allows you to tap into the energies of Zyais, granting your spells special effects depending on where you are. (If you take this, remind me every time you cast a spell, otherwise I will forget)

Bloodline Infusion: You blood is infused with that of a Yefran family, granting an ability depending on the Yefran’s bloodline. (You must actually meet a Yefran to attain this augment)

45 Mortality Augments

Weapon Attachment: Your fore arm is replaced with the weapon of your choice, granting you the feat Power Attack, and removing the attack penalty. You can no longer drop a weapon and have a -10 to offensive grapple checks unless the weapon has trip or grapple. (this will also probably cause some very odd roleplay situations)

Armor Suture: Your armor is permanently attached to you, now applying its armor bonus as natural armor, and your nerves are extended into the armor to allow you to feel. You gain an additional 4 max dex bonus from your armor, and take half of your normal armor check penalty, or none if its light armor. Each night you must make a will save before going to sleep with a DC equal to the armor bonus of your armor, your dex bonus to armor, and half your level rounded down. (this is largely useful because natural AC is far harder to get past than normal AC )

Adrenal Regeneration: Your adrenal glands have been chemically altered to allow you to heal quickly every so often. Once per week during combat on your turn, you may take a full round action to focus your adrenaline to heal yourself for 3d10 +10 health, and take a 25% penalty to AC until your next turn due to your focus on healing yourself. May be used during other Adrenal Triggers.

Steam Piston Legs: Your base movement speed is increased by 10 feet, an increase to climb speed by 15 feet, you gain 10 acrobatics, you gain the ability to kick an opponent that is grappling you to deal 1d6strength damage. You gain 30 lbs per size that you are. You cannot take this if you are tiny.

Vampiric Weapon: Requires Weapon Attachment. Your weapon saps the blood of enemies it hits, absorbing 1d2 life her damaging attack, and causing the weapon to temporarily gain an ability relevant the attacked enemy. (eg, attacking a spider grants your weapon a poison that deals con damage, or attacking a porcupine causes your weapon to deal bleeding damage)

The Ultimate Eye: Trueseeing at all times. Also adds +3 to all damage done with ranged weapons. Can also identify heat signatures for 2 minutes, 5 times per day. +5 perception. Replaces either left or right eye with a metal eye.

Plated Wings: Wings of metal and leather are attached to your back, allowing you clumsy flight, and granting fly as a class skill. Your base fly speed is 30 feet. Due to the restructuring of your back, you are more fragile, and so have a -2 constitution, and are now considered a size larger due to your wings getting in the way.

Maw of Death: Requires Iron Jaw. Your iron jaw now deals con damage rather than normal damage, and on crit deals 1 negative level. Your teeth are nearly indestructible, and you can make a strength check to break through objects by biting them,

Master Spirit Conduit: Your brain has been changed to allow you to mentally call for assistance from spirits nearby you, and to even directly command them if they are of an alignments no more than 1 die step. If the spirits are 3 die steps away from you they may turn against you after defeating your enemies. Due to being in tune with the spirits of Zyais, gain +2 wisdom, but the supernatural influence distracts you from logical thinking, giving -2 intelligence.

Planar Tear Detector: You have a sensor in your head that allows you to detect thin spots between the planes of existence, and to pull things through them. Creatures count as a summon spell, and you must make a will save to gain control of the summoned creature, otherwise it may attack. You may also attempt to summon objects through the thin spots. Cannot summon objects worth more than 1,000,000,000 gold.

Rest Organizer: A chip in your brain allows you to gain full effects of sleep or meditation, but within 1/10 of the normal time required. This also allows you to overcome mind altering effects easier, giving you +8 to mind effects, and can make two extra saves against the effects the round after they are applied. Your own mind altering effects gain +5 to their DCs.

Dragon Heart: Your heart has been imbued with dragon’s blood, giving your spells the tint of draconic magic. Your spells gain extra DC equal to 1/4th their range, and give spells ancient draconic effects. Your heart is stronger for your spells, but your physical abilities are reduced to allow this, -2 strength, and -2 constitution.

Machine Monarch: You are at home with technology and machines, but shun the company of others. You are able to easily fix and identify new technology, and often have a way of finding rare gadgets. You gain +10 to; Disable Device, All tech based crafting, Appraise, Knowledge Engineering, and have +8 AC against constructs or technological creatures, and +8 to attacks against them. You do not deal well with those purely of flesh and soul, and have -8 to all social skills, and have a hard time predicting their movements, giving -6 AC and -4 to attacks against purely living natural targets. You are an enemy of the Lifewardens, and are neutral with reavers. Taking this grants +50 Mortality.

Link to the Below Ones: Your spirit is anchored to something dark, giving you the ability to create a shadow clone of yourself, that mimics your attacks, dealing half the damage you do. it has half your life total and 10 AC. Your alignment is shifted down 2 die steps, and you gain exp slower.

Monolith: Your skeleton is heavily reinforced with metal, and your joints are now hinges. You gain +6 Con, +2 Strength, and DR of 8. You are immovable, so you cannot be shoved, and gain an additional +5 AC while fighting defensively. Your movement speed is cut in half, and you are always considered to have an armor check penalty of 15. Your weight is tripled. You cannot ride mounts unless they are a full size category larger than you.

Ultralight: Your bones are now thin but strong metal, making you far lighter and more nimble, giving +6 dex, +4 attack rolls, + 6 dodge bonus to AC, +20 move speed, +6 Initiative, +20 acrobatics and +10 Stealth. Your weight it cut in half. You are more slender now and much less bulky, and can take much less punishment. You have -4 constitution, loose any DR you have or would gain, and take an additional 1d8 damage from bludgeoning attacks. Rogues and monks gain 1d6 sneak attack damage.

Brutalizer: Your upper body has been heavily reinforced, giving you +6 strength and con, and +4 to CMB. You gain +50% damage added from strength to melee weapons while not fighting defensively. So much of your blood is focused on your chest and arms, your brain suffers. -3 to all mental stats (charisma, intelligence, wisdom). You are easily effected by mind altering effects. You have to save twice against them.

Font of Toxin: Your blood has the ability to produce a poison that replicates the effects of a poison you have ingested in the last 3 days. Upon activation your body for 1 day will sweat that poison, and you can apply the poison directly to your weapons an armor as a free action. While your blood is infused, you gain immunity to poison and gain +4 Con. The toxin also allows you to see more clearly, but you may hallucinate. True Seeing, but on each perception check you but flip a coin. If you win the flip +10 to the perception check. On failed perception auto failure of the check, and you hallucinate.

Custom Augments: Most Custom augments you come up with that I allow will be dropped into the 45 mortality slot, unless they are pretty weak, in which case I will drop them into the 25 slot.

70 Mortality Augments
These Augments must be specially acquired, and cannot be crafted by Talori.

Deathpulse Radiator: A reactor attached to your spine allows you to spend 4d8 health (rolled by the GM) to eminated a death pulse inflicting negative levels equal to the health spent on the pulse, and dazing all living things in a 25 foot radius. Can harm party members. Against CR 8 or level 8 or less must succeed a death check equal to the life spend, (fortitude)

Eskaniel’s Pocket Watch: You may turn back time either 1d20 rounds, or 1d12 minutes, and take equal damage to your highest mental stat, (eg: Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom). The user of this augment will be able to remember what happened before the time travel, and be able to warn the rest of the party what is gonna happen.

Energy of the Titans: You become a font of pure life energy, healing all nearby allies for 3d10 health per round, but you take 1d8 untyped per round. This lasts a minimum of 2 rounds, after which you can end the action.

Blessing of the Steam God: A gem on your third eye can be activated to supercharge all of your augments, causing crazy effects, which the GM decides. After the effects end, you loose use of all your augments for 3d10 days.

Explosive Reactive Skin: Whenever a melee attack deals more than 10% of your max health to you, your skin releases a blast of chemical fire that deals fire damage equal to your AC to the attacker with a reflex save of 35. You take a quarter of the damage dealt no save.

Rupture Predictor: A computer in your brain helps you hit pressure points on your enemies, causing effects on critical hits. Bludgioning and Slashing crits cause 2d10 x crit multplier con damage to the enemy, Piercing crits deal 3d6 bleed damage for 1d6 rounds. Magical crits cause paralysis for 2d6 rounds, Your utter focus on offense detracts from your defense, giving -10 AC, -5 Reflex, and -6 fortitude.

Nerve Super Charger: Once per week when unconscious, you can supercharge your nerves, gaining temporary health equal to your hit die x your con for 6 rounds, and moving you to the first position of the initiative list for 10 rounds. When the health fades, you take untyped damage equal to twice the health gained.

Reapers Touch: You may make a spell check with double whatever your spell casting stat’s mod is to have the effect of an entire spell go off inside the brain of a nearby enemy. On failed spell check, the spell goes off in the head or body of a random nearby entity with no save against the spell.

Pure Energy Blade: Inflict a permanent negative level upon yourself to release a blade of pure energy that seeks it’s target moving at the speed of light. Deals untyped damage equal to 10d10 x your total stat score. Regaining the level costs five times normal exp.

List Augments

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