Cities of Zyais

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There are many cities spread throughout Zyais, and no two are the same. Here is a description of each zone’s cities.


Zeltiva: The only still standing well developed city left on Lothen, Zeltiva is a large stone building city in the western mountains of the the continent. It is probably the only truly safe place on Lothen, and even then maybe not. The city is mostly run by Dwarves, though there is also a small population of Duergar. Zeltiva is a mining city, and its known for its high quality metal, due to the expansive mines that are run by the duegar under the city, and the massive forges run by the dwarves on the surface. The city has been sacced and rebuild several times, but it is always reclaimed by dwarfkind of some type, coming from the great cavern beneath the city

Inonen: A coastal city on the south western coast of Lothen, Inonen is the main way to get from Lothen to Kaladesh. This city basically consists of many many docks stacked atop one another to form a maze city of wood that floats on the harbor. The majority of Inonen fame is simply that it is the only city where you can really get information on the goings on in Lothen, as the people there often trade with the nomads that walk the wastes of the continent.

Therodin: The most norther city in Lothen, nestled deep in the volcanic wastes of the north, Therodin is a very dangerous city. It is just a massive layout of tents and small shacks that are constantly moving, as what Therodin truly is, is a nomadic city. It consists of nothing but nomads and barbarians, so the population is constantly changing as people come and go. It is a city run by strength alone, so only the strong hold any real power there. Because of this murder is a common place event among the sea of tents, and theft is always happening.

The Ruins of Yefra: At the dead center of Lothen, is the ruins of the once great city Yefra. This is the city that was built by the gods when they created Zyais, and it is where they originally relocated the sentient beings to. It has since fallen into terrible ruin, and is now inhabited my nothing but monsters, and a small sect of death cultists. Legends hold that all knowledge in the world can be found in this place, including ancient lost technology, but few ever dare go there, and none ever return.

Kyenwa (Ki-en-A): On the eastern peninsula of Lothen, lies the cliff city of Kyena. It is built inside of a canyon, with most of the buildings sitting atop one another in a terraced format up the sides of the cliffs, which are connected by hundred of rope bridges. The people here have learned to live with very little, as there is very little in the high mountains of the area, and so they live simple and peaceful lives, and are often the longest lived people on Zyais, regardless of race. The Lifewardens have a strong influence here, as it is a peaceful place where life blossoms, though it does take a lot of work and willpower to etch out a life on the cliff sides. Also being so near the to temple of Eskandiel, the people often keep to the habit of worshiping the god of time, though the reclusive god almost never actually influences the city. Many there believe he has somewhat to do with the long lives of the people there. The docks at the base of the canyon are the closest port to the isle of Farwen.


Zithrin: The wondrous city of the gnomes that nobody ever gets to visit. Very little pure truth is known about the city, mostly just rumor and legend. What is known is that Zithrin is one of the oldest non god build cities on Zyais, and was founded by a powerful gnome wizard from the old world. Rumors from those who dare to venture onto the frozen wasteland of Girwithan bring reports of strange flying things that do not make any noise other than a loud buzzing whine, and of smoke that rises from metal tubes in the ground. Zithrin is almost entirely underground, and the only known entrance is a sealed hatch on the far northern tip of the island. In truth the city is actually a gigantic underground factory that is constantly running, producing machines of great wonder, and the few high tech pieces out on the world are most likely of gnome design.

Ozzoninieralavic: Less of a city and more of a simple safe haven, the great cavern Ozzoninieralavic is a resting place for the savage tribes of Girwithan. It is the only place on the island where no conflict ever happens, as it is banned by the ruler of the great cave. The cave it’s self is a hollow mountain, with the interior being about the size of road island. The ruler of the mountain is Myrwan, the sentient yeti. Nobody knows how this creature became sentient, unlike the savage yetis that inhabit the frozen island, but he is an immensely wise, and incredibly old being, that protects it’s home ferociously. Many different clans and tribes from the island take shelter here during the worst months of winter, and one clan of orcs has actually made the mountain their permanent home, acting as workers and servants the mountain king.


Izzixen: The only city on the war-torn island, and still isn’t very safe. It is a fortress of wood and mud, the wall made out of thick clay reinforced with vines that have grown into the clay it’s self. It is the only place on the entire island where the jungle hasn’t completely taken over, and it is the only place where there is some safety from the Ardias, the giant intelligent spiders that hold dominance on the jungle island. The city it’s self is less than a mile wide, and the port is a seaside cave that connects the to city via a natural cave. The city buildings are actually just mud mounds with a single entrance, that lead down into a maze of limestone caves. All manner of lizard folk live here, from traditional iguana lizard folk, to tiny kobolds, to gigantic dragonfolk, all living in peace in the tiny city. The city is under constant siege from the Ardias, but the city is protected by a group of elite warriors called the Dreadscale Army. These lizardfolk are the most brutally well trained and dangerous warriors you will find, and many are enchanted with eldrich magic, and the most powerful of them have been heavily augmented. In theory the Dreadscale army is the most dangerous army on Zyais, though they are kept very busy keeping the Ardias at bay. Legend holds that even an ancient silver dragon makes it’s lair in the city, and acts as it’s leader.


Terashur: The currently most populated city in the world, Terashur is a mega city of all different races, and has no single culture or religion. It is situated on the northern tip of Kaladesh, and is massive, and constantly getting bigger. It is a city of 3 terraced circles, and soon to be 4 circles. The inner most circle is the Gleaming City, and the center of power on Kaladesh. This is the place where the majority of steampunk technology originated, and it is where the most complex mechanical augments are invented. The Gleaming City circle is about 4 miles across, and it is one gigantic crystal glass dome building, with hundreds of buildings inside of the dome, including the Brass Throne. Upon the brass throne sits the Brass Emperor, who is now almost entirely mechanical, save for his brain. He was human at one point, but now he is mostly machine, and is believed to be immortal now, as he has ruled over Tershur for 11 generations. He is a kind ruler, and his highest priority if keeping the city safe and peaceful, though he is not always successful, due to the sheer size of the city. The second circle is called The Maze. It is a massive labyrinth of metal and stone, all run by 3 giant steam generators that sit at 3 corners of the second circle. This terrace is where most people in the city work, and it is where all the steam is generated, and sent throughout the city. The generators are heavily guarded bronze tower buildings that are build over geothermal hot spots, and are always working away, keeping the upper city running. This is where the Steampower Church is based, and where its influence is strongest. However due to the Brass Emperor’s wishes of equality, they stay relatively calm, and only burn a few heretics at the stake here and there. Then there is the lower terrace. This part of the city is much lower tech, the majority of the buildings being made out of wood and stone, rather than metal and glass. It is here that the majority of people live, with a population of about 500,000 people. It is here that people from outside the city are allowed to stay, and that basically everything goes on, from markets to brothels, everything is out here, protected by a wall and guard force against the outside city. The fourth terrace is an under construction expansion of the third terrace, and is often attacked by bandits and wild animals as there is no wall around this terrace. Adventurers are often hired do deal with these threats, though recently there have been much more horrid things attacking the construction sites…

Eidon: This small jungle town is not even really a town, it is simply a trading post in the middle of the rain-forest of the southern half of the island. It is inhabited by one of the few stationary tribes of catfolk that live in the thick forests of the area. The catfolk of the trading post are very mystical, and are the source of a drug called Kiska, which is the main hallucinogenic drug on Zyais. They claim it brings them closer to the gods, however it has many side effects that can even be deadly. They are however very friendly to outsiders, and it is the best place to contact a guide for the island.

Highpoint: There is a single mountain in the great plains of eastern Kaladesh, and upon the top of that mountain is the monastery city of Highpoint. This is the religious center of the Lifewardens, the cult of high elves that have devoted themselves to the preservation of all life. Considered to be one of the most influential factions on Zyas, having churches in most cities across the world, the home base is a bastion of life. Almost everything is alive to some extent. Even the buildings are grown out of living plants, and the entire city is basically one symbiotic organism. Those who visit are given safe haven, though if anyone ever presents a threat to another life form via violence, they will be swiftly removed from the mountain, or even assimilated into the city’s life forms.

Drodic: This city is a bit of an issue for the other cities of Kaladesh, as it isn’t a real threat to any of them, but it is a source of much strife. It is a city build of stone and caves along the southern coast, and it is a city run by chaos. It is largely inhabited my ancient creatures from the old world that have survived long enough to adapt, but many of them are still quite evil. The “Rulers” are a council of ancient abberations from the old world, including A Mind Flayer Queen, a Chuul Warlord, and a ancient Beholder. While the council are content to sit in their black citadel of evil, their minions constantly reek havoc on the city. The population of the city stays pretty constant due to the amount of deaths in the city. Very few venture here, and it is getting worse in recent years, with more creatures leaking from the city each year.

Cities of Zyais

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